Boras City 400 Years. Radioamateurs from the area around Boras celebrates the 400 year anniversary on the air during 2021.

Borås Radioamatörer - Logbook of connected stations

Borås 400 years

On June 29, 1621, Borås received its city privileges. It has now been 400 years since then and we in Borås Radioamatörer want to join in this celebration. What is better than spreading this message wirelessly around the world? We have the ambition to contact as many countries as possible this year to put Borås on the map. To help spread the message, we will also print a so-called QSL card that we will send to those we have had contact with, confirming the contact.

On the map on this site we show which countries we have been in contact with. All contacts are logged live on this web page and as we have contacted new countries there will be more pins directly on the map. The idea, of course, is that we want to show the people from Borås that the hobby "Amateur radio" is still "alive an kicking". Hopefully this will attract more people into our fantastic hobby.

Amateur radio has always been at the forefront of technology while adhering to old traditions. To a large extent, it is radio amateurs and the radio amateurs' voluntary experimentation that has led to radio-television mobile telephony and similar technical achievements. Morse code telegraphing (invented in the 19th century) is an example of an old technology that is now used exclusively by radio amateurs and is still very effective.

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SF400B QSL-kort

This QSL-card will be sent to contacted stations.

8205 contacts in 183 countries.